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Flashbacks show Ruby, Beth, and Annie circa 1990 when the sisters first met Ruby. 

In the present day, Ruby tells Beth that she took her calendar and was going to give it to Turner, but changed her mind and came to Beth to figure out a plan. Beth is mad and leaves before they come up with a plan. 

Stan takes a lie detector test at work and fails. 

Dean meets with the men Nico recommended to get rid of Rio. They demand money up front, so he tells them he can get it for them. Later, Beth returns home to see Dean bound and gagged and all the money in the backyard stolen. 

Beth and Annie meet with the men to get their money back, and the men ask for a car. Beth agrees. 

Ruby meets with Turner and gives her the location of a car drop, with Turner thinking he will bust Beth in action. Instead, he busts the young men whom Dean hired, as Beth loaded the car she gave them with goods.

Annie continues to lie to Noah about her past. While out that night, she gets a call from Sadie that Nancy is in labor. Her and Noah go to Nancy's house and Annie helps deliver the baby. 

With Annie occupied, Ruby joins Beth in trying to retrieve their money from the guys apartment. They succeed, but before they leave they are held at gunpoint by a girl left in the apartment and forced to give it back. 

Episode's end reveals that Noah is a cop working with Turner, and Dean has taken the children and left Beth. 

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Rio: They put your panties in his mouth?
Beth: Don't say panties.
Rio: Oh please don't tell me you call them underwear, don't be that lady.
Beth: None of this is funny.

So. I love you, I mean obvs. Whatever you...it's not half as bad as I feel, okay? I'm as low as it gets. I'm disgusting. I'm sewage. You know how they drain it for fertilizer or whatever, I'm what they can't use. I'm the sewage so rancid they have to bury it a hundred miles in the earth and hope that no one ever finds it. I'm that garbage.

Ruby [to Beth]