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Mariana starts a club with the other women at work to vent. They come up with ways to combat the workplace sexism. Mariana uses many of the techniques to get ahead.

Mariana vents to Jesus about her job and takes him in to introduce him to everyone. He threatens to beat everyone up.

Raj apologizes again and when he overhears that she had spoken to other women at byte club he asked how he could help. She convinces the others to fight for equal pay and talks Raj into sharing the salaries. He tells Angela about Mariana being excluded from the group and he agrees to help Mariana.

Jesus meets Rebecca at a bar and they spend the night together. They meet up again later. He has her stop by and Callie is surprised to see her.

Rebecca works a workpace harassment case. Callie notices that it gets to her and she acts strange at the clerk mixer when someone mentions the same judge. Callie tells Rebecca about her experience being raped and Rebecca shares her experience being harassed and how her family helped her.

She presents a case in favor of the woman to Wilson.

Callie overhears Wilson and his son arguing in the office. His son catches her when she tries to leave. Wilson asks her about how she overcame her past and commends her for her character.

Callie nearly hooks up with Jamie in a bathroom after she finds out from Davia that Gael is back with Bryan.

Jesus has an idea for building tiny houses and jumping into the market. Dennis agrees to help him by setting him up with an old friend. Jesus lands an investment.

Dennis's friend tells him that he's seeing Dennis' ex wife now and wanted to tell Dennis himself.

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Mariana: It's great if you can ignore the racism, sexism, and general oppression.
Jesus: Just tell me whose ass I'm kicking first.
Marina: You're not kicking anyone's ass, although, I would love to watch.

Tate: Maybe what I wanted was a father who was there -- who wasn't working all the time.
Wilson: I worked to provide for my family.
Tate: No, no, you worked for this. For a lifetime appointment to play God. It wasn't enough you judged every little thing I ever said or did. You needed a stage to impose your intellectual and moral authority on the world.