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  • Callie and Jamie talk about the ring and his engagment. He tells her that he only proposed to Heather because it was expected of him. He also tells her what kind of ring he would've given her if he proposed. 
  • They have a romantic moment that makes Callie late for work. 
  • She's not on the case anymore, so she misses out on the developments in the case. When she runs cofee into the room she sees that Jamie is there. 
  • He got put on the case last minute and didn't tell her, and his company is offering a deal to the tenants with more money. 
  • Jamie and Callie argue about it at home and are at an impasse. She accuses him of lying to her. 
  • Mariana and Evan and the team are interviewed for an article about the app. Alex and Sam are jealous. 
  • They stir up more comments about Mariana and Evan being too close. 
  • Raj makes secret plans with Isabella. She invites him to dress up like an elf and do magic at a kids party. 
  • It turns out that Mariana knew about it after all. 
  • Kendra tells Mariana to make a statement about the Amanda situation and then inquires about the nature of her relationship with Evan. Mariana declines it being unprofessional. 
  • But later on she meets on the rooftop with Evan and they discuss that their relationship is unprofessional, and that it does damage to how she's percieved, and they both acknowlege that they have feelings, but they won't and can't do anything about them. 
  • They agree that they just act like the feelings aren't there and they must remain professional. 
  • Someone write a manifesto about white men getting screwed over at Speckulate because of the women and mentions that Evan gave Mariana money for the app. 
  • Mariana wonders how anyone knew about it and asks if Raj told anyone. He told Alex about it one night when he was drunk and jealous of Evan. They can't prove it and Mariana is angry. Isabella listens in.
  • Davia reads the book Malika gave her about white fragility. She apologizes to her students and has open dialouge with them. 
  • She talks to a colleage who invite her to an equity meeting to help all the students. 
  • She also talks to her boss who is dismissive about the harmful effects of the program Andre is in. 
  • She arranges to meet with Andre's mom, but she doesn't want to go to he equity meeting after her boss suggests that it may affect her job. 
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Jamie: What?
Callie: Why did Heather so no?

OK. Let's talk about Gumboot Becky.