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Callie stops by to see Mariana, but bumps into the new girl instead. She awkwardly grabs a lamp to pretend as if she only came for that.

She runs into Mariana at the elevator who is wondering why she's there. She tells her how awesome her new roommate is and pretends like everything is going well. Callie goes along with it.

Mariana tells Callie she can come to the launch party if she wants. Callie says she'll check her schedule, and when she gets into the elevator by herself, she starts to cry.

Raj meets Isabella while he's waiting for Mariana to finish up at work with Evan.

Evan has Mariana combing through extra things and tying her up longer to spend more time with her.

Alice is making out with Joey but thinking about her upcoming road trip with Lindsay and how hurt Joey would be if she found out that she was keeping secrets from them.

Callie goes back to Jamie. He wants her to still stay with him and tells her that he doesn't want her to leave because that's her home too.

Raj and Isabella are putting together a shelf while waiting for Mariana, but she's still tied up with Evan. Raj is frustrated.

Raj and Isabella get to know each other and bond.

Evan and Mariana are in sync with each other while working on their app that is having issues. Evan orders dinner since it's going to take awhile for them to get it working.

Raj plans to leave, but Isabella wants him to stay and help her put together the shelf. So they order dinner too. They eat and he shows her magic tricks. When Mariana calls it a night, Isabella tells him that Mariana loves him and he's all she talks about.

Evan and Mariana figure out what's wrong with the app and fix it. When she gets home, she asks Isabella if Raj was mad. She tells her about how Raj is jealous of Evan, and how she had a sex dream about Evan and sometimes has moments with him, but she's into Raj. Isabella gives her advice.

Lindsay and Sumi run into each other at The Coterie. Lindsay invites her onto the road trip and Alice feels like the third wheel.

They're going through with the Anwei case, so Callie has to officially move out.

Mariana has sex with Raj in the supply closet at work, but she keeps thinking about Evan. She tries to follow Isabella's advice about imagining Evan doing gross things, but it isn't working. Raj tells her he loves her.

Callie tells Marcus about Jamie and her potential conflict and reassures him why it isn't an issue.

Sumi finds out about the Lindsay and Joey situation, and Joey shows up in Sacramento.

It's weird with Alice, Sumi, Joey,and Lindsay.

Mariana and Raj are awkward after his love confession.

Callie talks to Teresa. Teresa knows Marcus only offered her an out on the case because she's a woman. She offers Callie the chance to housesit for her friend who is away trying a case in NYC.

Mariana's app goes live. She has her launch party and thanks everyone.

Callie shows up and they talk about the Anwei case and Callie not backing down.

Mariana tells her that she shouldn't look at stepping back from the case as giving something up when they both have made sacrifices. She gives her sound advice about Jamie.

Isabella continues to bond with Raj. She reassures him that he's hotter than Evan when she sees him getting jealous.

Evan invites Mariana to get drinks with the investors and leaves a gift for her on her desk.

Joey and Lindsay talk it out and it turns out Jenna was playing both of them. They apologize to each other.

Alice tells Joey about the kiss. They break up with Alice.

Callie tells Jamie that she doesn't want to move out, and she says that she's scared to give up her case if she gives up herself.

She gives up the case, but they negotiate a deal for the rent and she wants her name on the lease.

Raj leaves Mariana a thoughtful gift on her desk, whereas Evan only left her a backup thumbdrive. She shoots Evan down on after work drinks.

She and Raj are having sex when he thinks about Isabella. Mariana tells him that she loves him.



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I'm not coming back until the sex is over because I'm just going to ruin it for you.

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There's no way of assessing the accessity without an assessment.