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Lee and Mario are having dinner with Falcone in the place where they will host the rehearsal dinner. They haven't settled on a honeymoon location yet, because Lee just agreed to take time off work considering everything that happened with Barnes.

As they are leaving, the maitre de of the house tells Falcone he will have one of his men bring his car around. The guy starts the engine and the car explodes.

The cops show up at the scene. Jim looks for Lee to see if she's okay when Falcone comes to him telling him they have to talk. Jim doesn't want a new mob war to start. He gives Jim one day to figure out what happened and who was behind it.

Penguin is holding court with five families talking to them about Barnes' incarceration in Arkham. Barbara shows up and wants to know where Butch and Tabitha are. She thinks he took them. Olga shows up and Barbara backs down. Penguin threatens her then kicks everyone out.

He calls Nygma and wants to know how much longer it's going to take. Nygma isn't happy that he's been disturbed by Penguin and hangs up on him.

Nygma puts a zapper on Butch's head rigged to batteries. Butch threatens Nygma. Nygma tells him they are being punished for killing Isabella. Butch has no idea who she is. Nygma takes that as being difficult and zaps him.

Bullock is acting captain of the GCPD.  Jim asks Bullock why he took the job. Bullock says he's only doing it until they find a cure for the virus. Lucius comes to them with information about the Falcone bomb. Barnes and Bullock visits Fuse who they think was responsible for making the bomb.

They break into the guy's apartment and find him dead. Jim finds a folder under the mattress and figures out that Falcone isn't the target. Mario is.

Mario is walking out of the hospital when a motorcycle with two people, one wielding a very large knife tries to kill Mario, but Jim comes just in time to shoot them and save the day. However, they are still able to escape.

Bruce is reading a book trying to find out about the key they found in the necklace. Alfred made quiche for him and Selina, but Selina isn't thrilled. Apparently they've been cooped up at the manor for days to stay out of the sight of whoever is chasing after them. She's at the conservatory. Selina wants to leave, but Alfred and Bruce say no.

Alfred brings Ivy some food. She wants to take care of the plants, but isn't allowed outside so she has Alfred sniff her perfume or whatever and he becomes hypnotized and gives her the information on how to turn off the alarm so she can go outside.

Back at the GCPD, Mario denies he has any enemies. Jim wants him to postpone the wedding. Mario gets all pissy about it. He doesn't think Jim will find who's responsible.

Jim wants Bullock to keep an eye on Mario while he goes to talk to Falcone. He thinks something is fishy and wants answers.

Barbara visits Penguin's place to talk to Olga to get information about what's going on. She learns that Penguin likes Nygma and also finds out information about stuff Nygma ordered but was sent elsewhere.

Nygma is continuing his torture of Butch. Butch continues to plead his innocence. Nygma turns his attention to Tabitha and tells her he's going to cut off her hand.

Selina puts the key in vinegar to clean it off a bit. Bruce isn't too happy about that, but he's less happy that Selina told Ivy they weren't a couple. Selina tells him they just need to be "us." The key holds an engraving of an owl. No surprise there. Alfred is worried that the Court may see this is a breaking of their agreement. They realize Ivy is gone. Alfred isn't concerned.

There's a phone call. It's a member of the Court. They took Ivy and want to exchange her for the key.

Bruce, Alfred, and Selina go to the specified meeting place. Bruce wants to be able to explain having the key was an unintentional mistake.

Bruce finds out that the guys who are demanding the key aren't part of the Court of Owls, they are working to destroy the group.

Jim is questioning Falcone, but he doesn't know anything that Mario could be mixed up in. Jim gets a call from Bullock who tells him that Mario left. Jim leaves to try to find Mario.

Barbara shows up at the shop where Nygma bought the torture stuff. She locks the shopkeeper up in one of the devices and plays around with him until she gets the information she needs.

Nygma tells Tabitha and Butch about the chopper. Tabitha can stop the chopper if she presses a button that will send a fatal jolt to Butch. She has to decide if she's willing to lose her hand for him.

Bruce learns that the guys who took Ivy are known as the Whispers, a notorious gang. They tell him that the key opens a safe that holds something that could destroy the Court of Owls. Bruce wants in on the Whispers' plan.

Jim finds Mario at the jewelry store. He questions him again about why he's being targeted. Mario is evasive. The assassins show up and Jim takes them down, but Mario kills one with his bare hands. Could he be a produce of Indian Hill? Jim is suspicious.

Tabitha tells Butch she doesn't love him. Nygma is excited. Butch, knowing he's going to die, tells Nygma he did kill Isabella, but he says he put a bullet in her head. Tabitha changes her mind and sacrifices her hand for Butch. Nygma realizes he got it all wrong, but it's too late to save Tabitha.

Barbara gets there, but it's too late. Nygma is shocked, thinking, and leaves.

Falcone and Mario don't know who the assassin is. Jim learns that he is going to be sent to federal holding. Jim asks Mario about what happened in the store. Mario tells him he did what he needed to do. Lee shows up and Jim tells Mario he needs to tell her what's going on or he will. While all this is going on, Falcone visits the assassin. He has an idea who sent him, but says he knows the guy won't confirm or deny. Falcone pulls out a knife.

Jim talks with Bullock in his office. Bullock tells him to tell Lee how he feels. It might not be too late. He sees the monitors and sees Falcone attacking the assassin. Falcone pulls out a tooth and it has the Court of Owls symbol on it. Jim and Bullock come charging in. Falcone tells them he thinks he knows who's behind it and will take care of it on his own terms.

The Whispers are leaving and talking about Bruce when Talon comes and attacks and kills them. He wants to know if they found the second key. They don't say a word before they die.

Butch and Barbara get Tabitha to the hospital. They have her hand on ice. Butch wants to start war. Barbara figures out that Penguin killed Isabella and tells Butch they can start a war between Nygma and Penguin.

Falcone meets with Catherine. He threatens them. She won't tell him who's after Mario. He promises to burn Gotham if his son is killed, but he doesn't know anything.

Lee visits Jim before she head off to the rehearsal dinner. He tells her he still loves her. She wants to give him a proper goodbye and kisses him then leaves. Mario is watching. He's accosted by two punks who want to rob him. He goes all crazy on him. He just might be infected with Alice Tetch's blood.





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Gotham Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

They're an item now. Barf.


Barbara: What happened? Did my invitation get lost in the mail?
Penguin: This meeting is for grownups, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave.