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Things between Danny and Alicia have gone from zero to 100 really fast. 

They're sneaking in hook-ups at all hours of the day when Danny bring sup Alicia's room service. 

Sneaking around is hot and all, but Alicia realizes she wants to go public with the relationship, which isn't something Danny is comfortable doing just yet. 

He tells Jason he doesn't want Alicia's family to know about them because they'll "try to get to know him" and eventually realize who he is. 

Alicia's disappointed, and that disappointment only intensifies when she helps a gay couple plan their wedding. 

Geroge, the groomzilla, explains that he's so hard to please because he's been planning his wedding ever since he met his husband in the 80s. 

Back then, they had to sneak around since being part of the LGBTQ community wasn't as widely accepted. 

During the wedding, the couple talks about how good it feels to be out in the open with their relationship. 

Danny decides he no longer wants to hide things between him and Alicia and kisses her in front of everyone. 

The next day at breakfast, Alicia introduces Danny to the family as her boyfriend and not the waiter. 

Santiago tells Danny he "can't wait to get to know him."

Danny assures Jason that things will be fine and that things are finally looking up for him. 

At that very moment, a woman walks into the Riviera Grand to check it. 

It's Heather, Danny's ex-girlfriend. 

Santiago tells Mateo he wants to "meet" the people he's paying off. 

Mateo assures him that's not how the arrangement works, but Santiago follows Mateo anyway and meets the gangster-in-charge, Teresa (guest star Katey Sagal).

Teresa assures Santiago that he needs her and then scolds Mateo for letting his guard down and revealing her identity. 

Her security guard ambushes Mateo in the staircase and pushes him down the stairs as punishment. 

Santiago comes clean to Gigi about his deal with Mateo's people. 

Gigi's upset that he never clued her in and compares his keeping secrets to her fugitive ex, Felix. 

Santiago apologizes. 

The twins feel their mother out and realize that Gigi does not want to see Felix. 

However, that doesn't stop Felix who wants to warn Gigi about the kind of man Santiago is. 

Carolina and Yoli arrange a meeting between Felix and Gigi. Upon seeing her ex, Gigi punches him.

He reveals that Santiago is the one who turned him over to the feds because he wanted to get close to her, which leaves her questioning everything. 

Javi meets with a therapist who suggests that maybe his mother, Beatriz, was also an addict. 

Immediately, Javi rejects the idea, but when Alicia visits him, he asks her if she thinks it's a possibility.

Alicia doesn't want to believe it either, but he informs her that she didn't even pick up on his addiction either. 

Ingrid returns to work after her miscarriage to some sour stares. 

When Mrs. P finds her sleeping in the supply closet, she offers her a temporary stay at the house. 

It doesn't sit well with Jason who is disgusted with Ingrid's lies. 

Mrs. P informs him that she understands how tough Ingrid's life must be now because she too had a miscarriage before.

Jason forgives her.

The cops are investigating the Riviera Grand after the accident at the Finn Hotel. 

Mateo tries to bribe the Commissioner again, but this time, he can't turn a blind eye the way he did when Sky disappeared. 

Danny recognizes the cop as the one who told him he wouldn't pursue Sky's case.

He tries to avoid the cops out of fear that they'll recognize him, but when he bumps into them, neither one of them remember him. 

Or so he's led to believe. 

Later in the episode, Detective Ayala tells Danny she remembers him, knows that her partner is covering up what happened, and promises to help him find out what happened to Sky. 

Grand Hotel
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Gigi: You told me Mateo was handling the Finn problem. Is this how he handled it?
Santiago: I don't know.
Gigi: This is what happens when you get in bed with bad people.

Oh, so it's your classic love story -- boy meets girl, boy sends girl's family to prison.