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In the latest episode of Greek, called "Take Me Out," the houses compete in an all Greek softball tournament, and as usual, relationships are tested...

Rusty is having a difficult time getting the Kappa Tau pledges to show some respect. They don't take their pledge pins seriously, and they don't seem to have any spirit. And it's really pissing him off!

Calvin and Grant are doing well now that they've come out as a couple to the fraternity. However, Calvin is a little concerned that Grant is too sensitive to jokes about their status. Calvin also misses Rusty and asks Rusty to hang out with him and Grant. Rusty hates Grant, however, since he played a big part in ducktaping him to a column, and also convincing Jordan to go to New York. Their initial attempts to get along have been somewhat contentious. Rusty even tries to get Calvin sweet on Heath again, which Calvin sees through immediately and is only further inflamed.

Ashleigh has decided that she wants to date someone new. Cappie suggests setting her up with Beaver. Casey is hesitant at first, knowing Ashleigh, and how gross the KT boys seems to be these days, but she agrees to it, since they are both very cute, and very tall.

Cappie and Casey double date with Beaver and Ashleigh at the batting cage to practice for the softball tournament. The two don't hit it off really. Ashleigh privately tells Casey that Beaver is too dumb for her. In the bathroom, they run into Natalie and Katherine from Gamma Psi who have a lot of smack talk for them about the softball game. The Gamma Psis claim that they will obviously be pairing with Omega Chis for the tournament, since they are the two best houses. Not so fast Gamma Psis...

The Omega Chis show up at the ZBZ house to cordially invite them to partner for the tournament. Officially, the KTs had asked ZBZ first, but Ashleigh decides that ZBZ is a democracy and should not just choose to hang out with whichever house has Casey's current boyfriend. The girls vote to team up with Omega Chi.

Rebecca treats Evan on their first date. Their seems to be a lot of chemistry between them, but Rebecca drops the bomb that she doesn't believe in love, that it's just a myth or simple biological response. He takes her out on a second date to see The Princess Bride, and they continue their debate about true love's existence. Evan seems to be really affected by Rebecca's stance on the matter.

For the softball tournament, Kappa Tau ends up partnering with Gamma Psi. And they're playing the Omega Chis and ZBZ girls of course! Two bitter rivalries go head to head. Cappie wants to destroy the Omega Chis and of course the sororities have it out for each other too.

Rusty runs into home and is tagged by the catcher, opponent Grant. The umpire calls the tie to the runner and Grant is up in arms. They start arguing and both teams join in. One of the Omega Chi brothers tells them this fight is "gay" and Grant freaks. Calvin wants him to just settle down but Rusty backs Grant up. This sets the seed for a more peaceful relationship between Rusty and Grant.

Casey has to decide whether she wants to help her boyfriend settle the score with Omega Chi (and thus, strike out at the bat), or whether she wants to help her sorority win five blue ribbons points. The decision is clear when she knocks one out of the park.

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Greek Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

But i must warn you, what we lack in physical ability, we make up for in heart. And our hearts are set on crushing the Omega Chis at all things crushable.


Evan relax about the game and everything else. Rebecca, don't mess with people's emotions. Ash, there will be plenty of time to flirt when we're not in the middle of an inning. Now everyone get back to their positions, ok? (To Evan) And strike out my boyfriend!


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