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  • When something falls through because of the blizzard, DeLuca volunteers to go out in the blizzard through five miles of snow to retrieve it and bring it back. 
  • Carina and Mer are worried about his decisoin. 
  • He returns, but he's frostbitten becasue he didn't wear any gloves and he has to get checked out and admitted. 
  • When Mer tries to talk to him about it, he reminds her that he doesn't think she has alzheimres every time she forgets something. 
  • Mer and Cormac do a surgery together. They talk about Cristina. 
  • Later her asks her who DeLuca is to her, and she tells him. They seem to flirt with each other before leaving. 
  • Link is bummed about Amelia and not keeping it together. He nearly slips and tells Teddy about the baby. 
  • Teddy and Owen pull off a crazy rescue, but she can only think about how she suspects Amelia's baby is Owen's. 
  • She asks Maggie if she should be worried, and Maggie says yes. 
  • She talks to Tom about it. They have a sweet moment in the snow. 
  • Later she goes to Tom's hotel room and makes out with him. 
  • Bailey decides to bring Joey home with her to stay without talking to Ben. 
  • Levi loses a patient. She ends up with the residnts and Richard bonds with her. He thinks she's a doctor. 
  • He lets her scrub into a surgery,and she's about to cut when Levi catches her. 
  • She says she went to med school but she had cancer four times and always missed her opportunity. 
  • Richard encourages her, and tells her that his hands are shaking. He doesn't know what it is. 
  • Jo tells Link that Alex never went to Iowa and his mothe rhasn't seen him. She thinks he left her.She breaks down. 
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 15 Quotes

Cormac: Grey, Dr. DeLuca who is it to you?
Mer: He's one of my first. He's the first man I said I love you to after my husband died.
Cormac: Is it good? Saying I love you to someone new?
Mer: Yeah, It was good. It was pretty good.
Cormac: It's been lonely. I never met anyone like me. Widowed so young. It helps. It's nice, having a friend.
Mer: It helps me too.
Cormac: She talked to me about having a twisted sister, Yang did. I'm guessing that's you.

Teddy: I had this fear for a couple of months, and I'm afraid it might be true.
Tom: What's that?
Teddy: I'm afraid that Owen is the father of Amelia's baby.