When you watch Grimm Season 4 Episode 9 online, the action is pretty much non-stop as Nick, Hank, Renard, and Sgt. Wu rush to find Monroe, who was kidnapped by Wesen racial purists.

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When you watch Grimm Season 4 Episode 9 online, Rosalee's night turns to terror and horror as she discovers that Monroe has been kidnapped in the latest ploy by the Wesenrein to torture them for daring to be together. Sergeant Wu's in for his own rude awakening as Nick and Hank introduce him to the world of Wesen and admit that they had been lying to him for a long while. Wu's introduction, however, is interrupted by Rosalee's desperate call for help. Juliette, meanwhile, is unable to tell anyone about her own horrifying experience transforming into a Hexenbiest because of the Monroe kidnap situation. Nick, Hank, Wu, and Captain Renard work together to chase down leads in the hopes of locating Monroe before the Wesenrein kill him. They question a Klaustreich known to be a member of the Wesenrein, but he feigns ignorance of the whole incident. When he's killed, it seems like their last lead has gone up in smoke. Will they get to Monroe in time? Will Juliette loose control of the violent transformations? Find out the answers to these and other questions when you watch Grimm Season 4 Episode 9 online at TV Fanatic.

Episode Details

On Grimm Season 4 Episode 9, Nick and Hank tell Wu the truth about Wesen, but there are bigger issues at hand after Monroe is kidnapped by Wesenrein fanatics.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (41 Votes)
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Grimm Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

[about Wesen] Oh, so there are friendly ones. Good to know!


If they hurt Monroe, I will kill them! I will hunt them down and *kill* them!