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Guiding Light
Episode Guide 4/10/08

Today on Guiding Light, Harley shows Cyrus the envelopes filled with all of their cash she's going to use to keep them on a budget. When she suddenly decides she's used the wrong color paint for the house and chooses a light purple shade, Harley confides to Daisy that Cyrus wanted "beige."

As they apply the first coat, Harley decides it's the wrong color.

Daisy complains to Ashlee about her living situation because of Harley's relationship with Cyrus. Ashlee pushes her to tell her mother that she's been accepted into university.

Cyrus feels left out when Harley enjoys going through a box of Gus' things. Catching Cyrus with the box, Daisy accuses him of throwing it out. Harley defends Cyrus but later chooses to paint the house "creme."

Jeffrey visits with Olivia and chastises her for not following doctor's orders. She complains about the food and as he eyes a nearby tray, he agrees with her. After he falls asleep in her room, she wakes him.

Afterwards, he wheels her through the hallways, offering her a tip on how to deal with the pain she feels when she laughs or coughs. Olivia finally points out that typical heart transplant patients don't live that long.

Later in the parking lot, Harley hands him a medal that belonged to Joe, Gus's dad and asks him to send it to Eden. At the hospital for tests for her gastric bypass operation, Ashlee visits with Olivia.

She points out how Olivia can have any man she wants and Ashlee's always struggled in the love department. Olivia advises her that her secret is that she's willing to take risks. Ashlee claims she's never won anything in her life but Olivia corrects her that she won Coop from Ava.

Later, Ashlee assures Coop that she wants to have sex with him before her operation.

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