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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4.24.08

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When he finds she's bought a hot plate to do their cooking, Frank invites her to move into the boarding house but she turns him down. After Daisy hands her the phony ID she created for her, Angela tells her friend that Rafe has a new girlfriend.

Jeffrey brings Olivia to the gazebo in the park where he shows her their divorce papers. He explains that it includes a clause that allows her to stay with him and Reva until she is healthy. Olivia asks for time to look over the pages and ends up at the Towers where she finds Cassie using the name Brooke as she talks with a good-looking guy at the bar.

She assures Cassie she knows about wanting to be another person and then shows her the divorce papers. When a teen is arrested after using a phony ID, Harley gets him to admit he got the ID from Daisy who has sold them to "half the school." After Cyrus warns Daisy about doing business out in public, Harley confronts her daughter.

Cyrus admits that he was involved in the scheme too but claims he was trying to help "us." Cassie admits that she feels like she's cheating on Gus by living with Cyrus. Cassie confides to Jeffrey that Josh left town after they had a fight. He reminds her that Josh is a forgiving man.

She leaks that Olivia is at the Towers bar so he rushes there and brings her back to the cabin at Cross Creek. There, she admits the "old" Olivia would have lied about signing the divorce papers.

She then signs the papers. Daisy introduces herself to Christina and guesses that Rafe chose her as his new girlfriend because Gus and Natalia would approve of her and because she's probably a virgin.

Unable to get a job at the Towers, Natalia accepts Frank's offer. He calls Buzz to tell him he's giving up his room so that Rafe and Natalia can move in.

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