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Guiding Light
August 1, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Dinah pleads with Lizzie to come back to Springfield for Bill's sake but Lizzie claims it's not her problem.

She's surprised to find Natalia there in Los Angeles.

Natalia explains it was Alan who encouraged her to come out but Lizzie points Out Alan returned to Springfield and claims that Alan's "discussions" with Gus are phony.

An excited Remy boasts to Mel about how he's planning to bring his son home soon and promises that he won't hurt the baby.

Mel assures her brother that Jeffrey did the right thing where Ava is concerned.

Mallet finds Bill passed out on a park bench and insists he come back to his police car to be treated.

He ends up taking Bill to the hospital.

While Bill manages to get in to see Max, when the nurse announces that the baby is ready to come out of the incubator, Bill finds Remy already holding the baby.

Mallet calls Dinah about finding her brother drunk and sleeping on a bench. Remy advises Mallet that Ava's baby is his.

Olivia is outraged to find Bill with Max and asks if he has permission to be there. Bill reminds her his name is on the birth certificate but Olivia claims Jeffrey is working on that too.

Gushing about Ava, Remy welcomes his parents to the hospital where he boasts that they are grandparents. He claims he's going to ask Ava about changing Max's name to Clayton.

Dinah urges Bill to realize that it's time to let go of Ava and the baby but Bill claims she has no idea what true love means and never will.

Mallet stops by to check on Dinah and, hearing how her brother hurt her, compliments her on how great a person she is.

Lizzie returns and tells Bill she came back because of him. Dinah offers Remy a wad of cash to help him get started with his son.

Leaving his motel room, she offers him her congratulations.

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