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Guiding Light
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August 12, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Upset that Grady was found not guilty, Marina gives Mallet a hard time and points out that it wasn't "his call" to bail Dinah out of jail.

At Company Buzz, Frank and Coop offer her relationship advice. Lizzie is astounded when a boisterous Alan suggests they celebrate the jury's verdict with champagne.

She asks him if Gus is with Tammy but he responds that there was no point in putting Grady in prison. Lizzie announces that she's returning to Los Angeles.

He claims that with the money he soon collects, he'll be able to build a Tammy Winslow wing at the hospital, calling it the proper memorial for her.

Lizzie counters that there isn't enough money to do that.

When Dinah complains to Bill that she's been locked out of the mansion, Bill explains that he's decided not to press charges against her.

Over lunch, however, he boasts that he tricked her into signing away her power of attorney so that he could take away her house, stocks, bonds and cash reserves.

Dinah enters Mallet's unlocked apartment and catches him wearing only a towel. She offers him the cash for her bail but he explains why he doesn't need it.

After she leaves, Marina arrives and kisses Mallet passionately.

Telling his sister that his visions of Gus are real, Alan claims that he can take care of anyone who gets in the way of his big plans.

Hugging Billy, Lizzie announces she's on her way back to L.A. and bought a beautiful memorial statue for Max. He encourages her to stay for his son's sake but she states that she can't do it.

Later, Billy tells Vanessa that Lizzie is too good for Bill. Dinah confronts Alan who hints that he can put her in touch with her dead father.

He then apologizes but then claims he can help her put her brother in his place if she needs it. Lizzie is with Bill as they admire the memorial statue. He wonders how she can allow Jonathan to take her child away.

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