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Guiding Light
Episode Recap
August 18, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Over ice cream, Mel and Blake do their best to try to cheer Cassie. When she finds her divorce papers in Mel's bag, the attorney apologizes but Cassie assures her that she wants to move ahead with it.

They invite her out but Cassie explains that she has a doctor's appointment
. Buzz and Frank stare in disbelief as Daisy asks to fill out a job application at Company.

Frank and Buzz both point out how she compromised her principles when she lied on the stand to help Grady. Buzz admits that they are scared for her because she lied.

Frank insists that she go live with Marina. Grady interrupts and challenges Frank but Daisy sends him on his way and demands that she be treated like an adult.

When Grady asks his brother for an idea on how he can thank Daisy for her testimony, Cyrus urges him to leave her alone.

Leaving Company, Daisy runs into Cassie and tries to apologize but Cassie blasts her for allowing Tammy's murderer to go free.

She also reminds her that Tammy was her cousin. Cyrus tries to comfort Cassie but she orders him to leave her alone.

Daisy falls apart in Grady's arms. Bill warns Lizzie that there is something wrong with Alan. Dinah tells Alan and Alexandra that Jeffrey has some new evidence to use against him but Alan's unimpressed.

Lizzie convinces her grandfather to go to Cedar's for some tests. Bill waits with Lizzie while Rick advises Alan about the tests.

Seeing Bill with his granddaughter, Alan accuses them of trying to get him declared incompetent and walks out.

Lizzie confides to Bill that she's reconsidering testifying against her grandfather for fear that she'll be alone. Bill promises he'll never leave her.

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