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Guiding Light
August 20, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Bill advises his security chief that there is a spy working for Alan he wants ousted from the company. Grady presses Olivia to hire him to work at the Beacon.

When she refuses and he won't let up, she points out that Cassie is part owner of the hotel. Daisy is thrilled to find Rafe at the door of Marina's hotel room.

He admits that he slipped away from Harley who told him she would never bring him back to Springfield. Grady arrives in time to find Rafe in Daisy's arms.

Rafe wants to call the police to have him arrested but Daisy confesses how she testified to save his neck. Grady reminds them that Rafe is actually the person who is in trouble and boasts that he and Daisy are having sex.

Hearing a knock at the door, Rafe secretly slips out. Later, Grady kisses Daisy but decides it's time he left.

Claiming Gus will come through for her, Alan assures Natalia that her son will soon be home and then takes her out for a picnic lunch which reminds her of the fun she and Gus used to have, picnicking and listening to the Cubs.

Rick calls Lizzie and Bill to the hospital to discuss her grandfather's test results which show that he has a blood clot in his brain which may account for his "visions."

He asks her to find Alan and rush him to the hospital. Lizzie approaches Alan at the Towers but when she tells him about the danger he faces, Alan doesn't believe her.

Olivia runs into Bill as she stops by the memorial for Ava's baby. She calls herself a believer now but Bill suggests there is another reason behind Alan's visions.

Later, Lizzie cries to Bill that she can't go home to Alan so he invites her to stay with him. However, she fumes when she overhears him telling someone Alan is sick and won't be around much longer.

Alan's thrilled when Rafe greets him. Natalia is relieved when she is reunited with her son. Alan takes a look at a train schedule.

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