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Guiding Light
August 25, 2008

Today on Guiding Light:

After realizing the boomerang R.J. got from a stranger in the park came from Grady, Cassie angrily lays into Cyrus and orders him to convince his brother to stay away from her son.

Unconcerned, Cyrus lectures her that she's got to stop hating if she's going to move on with her life.

When Olivia arrives at the hospital for her examination, Rick is relieved and tries to reassure her that the symptoms she's feeling are similar to what he felt.

Before she can go to cardiology, Olivia hears that Rafe was arrested and rushes to the station house.

When she stops by to see Rafe, Frank sternly gives Daisy a lecture about the bad choices she's making when choosing her criminal boyfriends.

Natalia interrupts and warns Daisy that Rafe came back to town for Daisy. When Frank takes Natalia back to see her son, he yells that he wants nothing to do with her.

Natalia insists that she did not call the police to have him arrested and vows to find out who did. Olivia tries to help Natalia with her son but she orders Olivia to go back to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Grady "comforts" Daisy because of Rafe's arrest but when he guesses she's still in love with Rafe, she walks away. Cyrus accuses his brother of setting up Rafe and he confirms it.

Pointing out he put Daisy in harm's way, Cyrus vows to "take him down" if he hurts her. Olivia blasts Rafe for treating his mother so rudely.

Not taking "no" for an answer, Blake takes Cassie to the Towers for drinks and to get back into the dating scene.

Later, Cyrus returns to Cassie's house and slips inside when he sees her crying.

In her bedroom, he argues about Tammy until she sends him home. Meanwhile, Grady offers just to sleep with Daisy but she insists on having sex.

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Guiding Light
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