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Guiding Light
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August 29, 2008

On Friday's Guiding Light ...

Dinah warns Alan that Lizzie and Bill are looking for him in New York City. In the hotel room, Lizzie and Bill are about to have sex when they're interrupted by the maid.

After Lizzie tricks Bill into taking a shower, she learns from the maid that Alan was spotted across the street and slips out to look for her grandfather. Alan surprises Bill as he comes out of the shower.

Bill accuses him of wanting to take over the company but as Alan goes on about his faith, Gus, and a meeting with the "Blackthorn" group, Bill realizes he's no longer a threat, thanks to his confused mental state.

He calls Dinah with the good news and she begins to regret her deal with Alan. When Lizzie returns, Bill hides a paper Alan dropped and slips out when she's not looking.

Finding the paper, Lizzie is upset with herself for trusting Bill. Later, Alan tells Bill that he's too late. Cyrus pays Cassie another visit to help at the farm and she guesses he's staying in Springfield to wait for Harley to return.

After Cassie leaves, Grady stops by and asks why his brother is here. He realizes it's to make up for Grady's sin's. Cassie finds Olivia drinking at the Towers and joins her.

She's perturbed to hear that Josh is going after Reva again so the two take a moment to badmouth Reva. After Cassie leaves, Grady sits next to Olivia and flirts with her in hopes of getting a job.

She invites him back to her place where she suffers another dizzy spell. Grady helps her and she responds by giving $100 to return Josh's bible to him. Cassie returns home and finds Cyrus still there.

She advises him that she doesn't want to be friends with him but he suggests they start over. Daisy asks Dinah to hire her boyfriend but Dinah points out why she has to side with her family when it comes to Grady.

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