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Guiding Light - 8/8/08
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Beth sends away another of Alan's "groupies," unaware that Grace showed a pleased Alan her juror ID card for today's trial.

Nervous about the upcoming trial, Jeffrey advises Reva he just wants to do this for Ava. She points out he meant to say Tammy's name.

Daisy advises Grady that Jeffrey warned her about committing perjury but Grady claims he's bluffing. He reminds her it was just the two of them in the car that night.

At the courthouse Grady's attorney Dalton warns Jeffrey about feeling lucky about this case. Josh accompanies Cassie to the trial.

Alan leaks to Cyrus and Grady that he has an "in" on the jury.

Reva congratulates Jeffrey after his impressive opening speech but he mentions his concern about he jury and she guesses he's thinking about Grace.

Dalton counters that Tammy's death was due to an accident and nothing more. Reva gets Grace talking about the trial and eventually, the juror tells her not to worry about Alan getting in trouble.

Reva hands a note to the bailiff to give to Jeffrey. Frank takes the stand and is questioned about his handling of this case.

After finally reading the note, Jeffrey convinces the judge to let him question Grace. When she lies about not knowing Alan, he catches her in the lie and the judge summons her to her chambers.

Jeffrey later warns Alan about the consequences of his actions when his trial begins. Grady later warns Alan that he's going to talk to the D.A. but Alan suggests he won't get a good deal.

Meanwhile, Cyrus pleads with Cassie to understand the perfectly horrible upbringing his brother had in the foster home system. He urges her to help his brother but Reva orders Cyrus to get away from her.

Cassie is next to testify and though she admits she once would have done anything to send Grady to prison, she adds that she no longer feels that way.

Daisy ends up at the scene of the accident that ultimately resulted in Tammy's death. Alan finds her there and she reminds him how Gus helped her that night.

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