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Shayne assures Reva and Josh that he doesn't need to see a doctor. Josh calls him a hero for all that happened while trying to clear land mines.

Shayne downplays what he did and then announces he's returning to Europe. Reva asks him to stay in town but then learns about his recent arrest.

Josh considers telling him about her leukemia but then changes his mind as Shayne agrees to remain in Springfield until after the holidays.

Shayne gives his doctor a hard time and then calls a mystery person for help getting out. When Cyrus warns his brother that Dinah's back in town, Grady assures him he's already handled her.

Grady then shows off the new tattoo he got to hide the scar from the kidnaping. Meanwhile, Dinah warns Alan that she came back to town for Bill's sake and asks him to stop punishing her brother.

He counters that both she and Grady will pay for what they did. Cyrus panics when he finds them together and sends her on her way.

Hiding out in the Bauer cabin, Bill tries to figure out why everyone came to the conclusion that he kidnaped her.

Though she can't stop thinking about the injury on his chest, Lizzie assures him she has no doubt he's innocent.

Bill calls Dinah and is surprised to hear she's back in town. She tells him she knows he's innocent. Later, Bill explains to Lizzie that he thinks they should return to town so he can tell all he knows to the police and clear his name.

Dinah meets Shayne after the call and offers to take him to the airport. Instead, he asks her to drive him to the nearest bar.

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