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Lizzie tries to convince Bill he just needs to know that she believes he's innocent. She pleads with him not to say anything to the police.

While Lizzie warns Mel that Bill's a "loose cannon," Bill approaches Frank with an offer to tell him everything.

When Decker tries to back out of returning Natalia's $80,000 investment, Olivia threatens to sue him and his company because of the way she was fired.

Though Remy tells Christina that she is his wife and that means she is a part of his family, she asks him to stop being so nice to her since they need grounds for their divorce.

When he offers to accompany her to see her grandmother Loretta in the hospital, Christina is touched.

Taking a liking to Remy, Loretta privately asks him what his intentions are for her granddaughter. Unaware Christina is listening, Remy confesses the sad story about losing Max and wonders how a parent can walk away from their child.

Later, Christina learns the grant for school requires that she be a married woman. Seeing the flyer for the Christmas tree fundraiser, Buzz tells Frank that, unlike many of his other ones, this is not a terrible idea.

Natalia is touched when Frank reveals that he's arranged for a fundraiser to help with Rafe's legal bills.

After she thanks him, Frank then shows her another surprise and points out that some prisoners are outside working on repairing the road.

Natalia is thrilled to see her son is one of them. Lizzie panics to find Bill is at the station house where Frank warns Mel that Bill has waived his right to counsel.

He also notices Bill's version differs from the various Spaulding claims. Mel vows to have his statements thrown out.

Thrilled to have her $800,000 back, Natalia learns that it is thanks to Olivia that she got her investment money back.

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