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Beth tells her daughter that she admires her for the faith she has in Bill. She warns her, though, that she is exhausted and urges her to rest.

Instead, she runs to confide in Cyrus about Bill spilling everything to the police about the kidnaping. Cyrus too warns Lizzie to get some rest.

After a chat with Beth about his granddaughter, Alan gets Bill alone and points out what he's doing to Lizzie's life.

Grady's not pleased when Ashlee interrupts his chat with Daisy and talks about how they're buddies because he protected her from a mugger.

Offering to get him a job, she suggests they start at the police station or the mayor's office which panics him. She warns him that he'll lose Daisy if he doesn't get some respectability.

Ashlee offers to have dinner with Doris once a week and be seen in public if she'll give Grady a job. Doris is impressed with Grady and hints that she may need his help with a certain kidnaping case.

Meanwhile, Natalia forces Olivia to confirm that Decker found out she was ill and fired her. Congratulating her on getting her investment money back, Frank urges Natalia to buy a house.

When Rafe enters Company for more drinks for the prison work detail, he asks Daisy if she's still with Grady. Daisy doesn't want to talk about him.

Reunited with his mother, Rafe assures Natalia that "she can do it."

After hinting that she needs Olivia to be her paying tenant with a promise of "full care," Natalia then buys the farmhouse.

When Ashlee tries to chat with Grady about the job offer and he ignores her to talk with Daisy, she becomes upset.

Bill leaves a note for Lizzie explaining that he's leaving town until he can prove his innocence.

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