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Josh finds Jeffrey with Reva at Company and warns that Cassie took Will out of the private school and now the two of them can't be found. Having gotten a hint from Remy about Jonathan's plans, Lizzie interrupts and asks Reva if she can take care of Sarah while she and Jonathan deal with a problem.

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Back at home with Will, Cassie calls Josh and asks him to come home to talk. There, Will watches Cassie argue with Josh until she sends him back to his church. Jeffrey points out another option would be to allow Will to be charged with pushing Edmund which would get him sent to juvenile hall for treatment. Cassie enters and when she realizes what they're talking about, she starts berating Josh for trying to take her son from her.

Josh denies it and insists they are just talking but when Reva urges her sister to calm down, Cassie reminds her of what Jonathan did. As they argue, Cassie shoves her sister and runs out. With Daisy babysitting, Will decides it's time to pack Josh's things. On San Gabriel, Jonathan's death threat towards Alan is put on hold when Beth cries out that she's in labor.

The two enemies work with a recently arrived Lizzie to help deliver Beth's baby. Taking Jonathan outside, Alan offers him a truce, telling him he will leave him with Sarah now that he has the baby he's always wanted. Lizzie explains that he doesn't have a baby. She adds that it's Rick and Beth's.

Rick arrives and is thrilled to see Beth with their baby. Alan stares and realizes he has lost again as Jonathan decides he wants Alan to live a long and lonely life. Later, Alan finds Jonathan's gun in the bushes.

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