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Everyone is dubious of Reva’s claim that the baby is Alan’s, until finally Josh comes forward and admits it’s true. Alan is grilling Rick for his involvement when Cassie finally comes forward: I switched the tests.

Guiding Light Episode Recap
Lizzie and Jon finally get the baby back and it’s a tender moment on the family reunited. Lizzie realizes with the recent revelation about Beth’s baby, Alan may be off their back for a bit. Rick tries to convince Beth that what he did was right, but she decides to hand the baby over to Alan. Reva defends her decision to out the truth - as Alan was about to shoot Jonathan. Cassie accuses Josh and Reva of working as a team to ambush her. Beth insists Alan and Rick stop fighting over the baby. She’ll make up her mind about her father.

Guiding Light Episode Recap Part 2
Jon promises Lizzie he won’t ever leave her again. The moment becomes electric as they kiss. It’s awkward and they agree they’re better off co-parenting. Reva overhears Stephen tell Josh this may cost him his job. Cassie tells Tammy she’s sick of Reva and Josh, always taking each other’s side. Cyrus is taking care of Marina, when she leans in for a kiss. Cyrus comes up with an excuse to leave, and is off to pick up dinner for the two of them. Cyrus pays Harley a visit, and try to convince themselves they can stay apart.

Post-lovemaking, Harley and Cyrus realize staying apart is gonna be harder than they thought. Marina calls Company and asks if Cyrus is still there. When Lynn says he hasn’t been in all day, Marina grows confused.

Guiding Light
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