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Nat tells Gus she’s sorry and doesn’t want to start off her marriage like this. Ava can’t handle Olivia talking about dying so much and leaves. Ava asks Gus not to desert Olivia in her time of need.

Guiding Light Episode Recap
Olivia (Crystal Chappell) has an idea of how she can make it up to her: give me Gus. Emma comes in and Nat can’t help but be moved, she tells Olivia she’ll think about it. Alone with Gus again, Olivia’s hope is renewed. Gus accidentally falls asleep on the couch and Olivia nestles herself in his arms.

Harley feels guilty and decides to let Jude stay with Rick for longer. Harley and Cyrus agree to stay a secret for a little bit more. As they begin kissing again, Rick walks in on them, catching them flustered.

Rick tells Harley if she’s going to be with Cyrus, he thinks Jude should live with him. Marina (Mandy Bruno) keeps pressing Cyrus about being at Company, realizing just how willing he is to keep up with the lie.

Mallet tells Marina how horrible he feels about her accident. She tells him how weird Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) has been lately and remembers that they didn’t cancel the farmhouse in France. Mallet tells Marina that the French house was canceled - before her injury even happened.

Marina is trying to take comfort in Cyrus, when his phone rings - Harley, reminding Cyrus to be discreet because Rick threatened to take Jude away. Marina has picked up, though, and heard every last detail...

Guiding Light
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