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Guiding Light Prologue
Bill is upset when Billy buys some land downtown before he could seal the deal. His dad suggests that he's distracted by Lizzie but Bill claims he is no longer interested in her.

Guiding Light Episode Recap
Meeting Dinah as Ruby works on her nails, Marina complains about all the breaks Harley gets even as she lies to her family and friends. Dinah spies on Harley and Cyrus and see if their relationship is just sex. Dinah confronts Bill about his feelings for Lizzie and though he denies he loves her, he does admit he doesn't want to see anyone hurt her. Talking about their wedding plans, Lizzie suddenly asks Jonathan if he killed someone.

He tells her that it's none of her business.

Jonathan surprises Bill in his office and blasts him for telling Lizzie about the man who died. Bill threatens to leak his secret to others but Jonathan vows it will be the last leak he ever makes. Lizzie advises Billy that she's marrying Jonathan tomorrow. She finds Jonathan trying to strangle Bill and pulls him off. After he vows that he won't lie to her like Bill does, Lizzie announces they must leave town after their wedding.

After sex with Harley, Cyrus flirts with Beth but she guesses he's just trying to get on her good side to convince Rick not to seek full custody of Jude. Later, Rick boasts to Beth that he's not going to lose her and the baby. When Marina runs into Harley at the gym, she convinces her to help with her rehabilitation and then talks in great detail about how fantastic Cyrus' "lines" are and how funny it is to see him "play" women.

Guiding Light Epilogue
After Marina leaves, Dinah starts with the exercise machines and gets Harley to reveal that she's sleeping with Cyrus. She then warns Harley that she knows about the way Cyrus used women all over Europe.

Harley asks Cyrus if their relationship is just about sex.

Guiding Light
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