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Guiding Light Prologue
As Gus enlists Rafe's help in getting ready for his wedding, Rafe points out he's missed 5 calls from Olivia on his cellphone and asks if he loves Natalia. Gus assures him that he does. Natalia warns that she and Gus are a packaged deal so she'll be there whenever Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) is.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part I

In front of Rafe, Gus announces to Natalia that he's arranged for Josh to marry them today. Olivia insists to Ava that she needs Gus and claims that he's keeping her alive. Ava urges her to go after Gus. Olivia calls Gus from the cabin and lies that she's having a hard time breathing. Olivia is upset to find Natalia at the door, not Gus. After sex, Harley tells Cyrus she hopes he knows she didn't plan this. Realizing he's supposed to meet Marina at the airport, Harley tells him she doesn't regret this.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part II
Mallet (Robert Bogue) finds injured Marina lying on the ground and calls for an ambulance. At the hospital the doctor tells them both that Marina seems to have a torn ACL and adds that she will not be able to leave town tonight. Cyrus arrives and learns about her near miss with the drug dealer. Marina claims she's alive only because of her thoughts of being with him. Cyrus returns to Harley and admits why he couldn't tell Marina the truth. The two return to the hospital and Marina tells them how lucky she is.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Dinah tries to avoid answering when Mallet asks if she turned off his phone. When she apologizes and asks if they can have another chance at being together, he points out that today is all about Marina.

Guiding Light
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