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Frank reinstates Marina and tells her to investigate the explosion. When Marina runs into Harley and Cyrus together, she suggests Phillip might be behind the explosion.

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Cyrus suggests that they don’t just chase down Phillip, but they set a trap for him and lure him to them. When Marina tells Harley about Cyrus’s crazy plan to lure Phillip, Harley concurs that it’s a brilliant idea.

Coop is just about to admit starting the explosion when he sees Ashlee in cuffs and realizes she needs him more. Coop asks Ava to steal from the Spauldings to get bail money from Ashlee. Coop admits to Ashlee that he caused the explosion and asks Ashlee to flee town with him.

Billy must leave Bill’s bedside to go back to rehab. Everyone is shocked to learn Bill (Jordan Clarke) is blind. Vanessa (Meave Kinkead) pays Billy a visit, and suggests that Bill’s injury could be a blessing in disguise. Bill asks everyone to leave the room, and he’s clearly shaken up.


Lizzie comes in to see Bill frustrated and calms him down. He asks her to get her out of the hospital. Billy gets an unexpected visit from Bill who has a sense of determination to track down who caused the explosion.

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