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To prevent Alan from seeing Sarah, Reva knocks him out with the car’s hood. Reva runs into the church with Sarah, looking for Jon. But Josh recognizes the baby and Reva tells Josh everything.

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Reva (Kim Zimmer) and Josh try and convince Jon to stay in Springfield with Sarah and fight Alan with family support. Jon sees Josh and is about to hit him over the head, but Reva stops him and they try to convince him to stay to no avail.  Alan (Ron Raines) spies Sarah’s doll. Rescued and dazed, Lizzie is in shock to see Jonathan alive. When Jon tells Lizzie that he lived, but Sarah died in the car crash, she grows infuriated.

Bill (Daniel Cosgrove) helps Lizzie up and figures out her plan to come to the cabin and get pregnant. Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) pulls away from him, too focused on Sarah. As we see Jon, holding Sarah, looking through the window, conflicted. The judge agrees to marry Marina and Cyrus, but Cyrus isn’t so thrilled with the idea.

Harley realizes that Marina put Remy up to pretending to be immigration so Cyrus would marry Marina. Marina begs Harley to not rat her out, and let her tell Cyrus on her own.


After Marina tells Cyrus partial truths, Harley (Beth Ehlers) finally comes clean with Cyrus and tells him she wants to take a risk and be with him. He tells her he’s tired of her flip-flopping. Later, Marina comes home only to find Cyrus’s things are missing.

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