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Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) and Bill are frustrated as they can't stop Sarah from crying. After Bill leaves, Jonathan shows her the best way to calm their daughter. Jonathan's not happy when she insists Bill come along.

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Lizzie seeks Gus' (Ricky Paull Goldin) help in protecting her rights where Sarah is concerned. Outside, Jonathan blasts Bill when he finds out he's planning to tear down Outskirts as part of his "redevelopment." At the cabin, Lizzie takes a call from Gus who asks her to keep Jonathan in town.

He mentions one relationship he had but ended because the woman wasn't like Tammy. As his anger emerges, Lizzie admits that she is partly to blame for her death because she knew what she was doing when she asked Alan for help. Realizing Sarah has a fever, Lizzie insists on calling Rick who brings Beth to the cabin.

Beth greets Jonathan with a slap for what he did.

Rick concurs that Jonathan did the right thing in lying to everyone because Alan (Ron Raines) is a threat. After they leave, Lizzie forces Jonathan to admit that Sarah was very sick and he arranged a bone marrow transplant with her as the unsuspecting donor. Lizzie is outraged but then calms down.


Telling Olivia (Crystal Chappell) that Jonathan is alive, Bill slips into his room and discovers he's got plane tickets for two - tonight. Jonathan spikes Lizzie's wine but Bill returns and switches the glasses, causing Jonathan to pass out. He convinces Lizzie to take the baby and run.

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