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Frank asks Daisy her opinion of Will. She claims he's okay and actually a little like her. Rafe interrupts and tries to get back together with Daisy but fails. Buzz and Frank advise him to bring her flowers and try again.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part I

Scheming Will asks Cassie why Josh hates him but loves R.J. He also claims that Josh treats Reva better too. Before taking her to the station house, Mallet tells Reva that she is the top suspect in Edmund's accident but she claims someone set her up by planting Edmund's buttons in her purse. Josh puts in a call to bring Mel to the station house and hints that he's going to bring in the person who hurt Edmund. Upset Mallet has Reva there and that she won't stop talking, Jeffrey offers to get her out of this mess.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part II

Josh runs home and argues with Cassie who denies there is evidence tying Will to the accident. She also blasts him for siding with Reva over her son. At the mall Josh loses it when he hears R.J. cry out as Will holds him. Daisy assures Josh they were just playing. Olivia covers when Alan catches her chatting with a nurse at the hospital. Gus tells a touched Olivia that if she needs someone to step in and be a dad for Emma, he's the man. But her hopes are dashed when he suggests that Emma get to know Natalia too.


Alan escorts Natalia to Olivia'sn where Gus offers to have his future wife teach Emma Spanish. When Olivia passes out, Alan suggests they leave. Olivia asks Gus to stay, and angry Natalia claims Olivia is faking it.

Guiding Light
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