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Guiding Light
July 1, 2008 Recap

Today on Guiding Light ...

Congratulating him on becoming an EMT, Mel realizes her brother's in love with Ava and urges Remy to tell Ava how he feels about her.

Lizzie announces to Alan and Beth that she's rented Harley's place until their new mansion is done. Confronting him at Harley's house, Mallet arrests Alan for hiring Grady who killed Tammy.

Olivia is with Bill and Ava as they pick up a marriage license. Jeffrey is surprised to find them there and worried about a very tired Ava.

He suggests they put off the wedding but Ava assures him that she's feeling okay. Later, Ava asks Olivia to convince Jeffrey that she and Bill will be happy.

Feeling lightheaded, Ava ends up getting a ride to the hospital from new EMT Remy. Olivia confronts Alan in jail and warns him to keep her name out of his troubles.

Beth later pleads with Alan to fight this charge but he hints it's what Gus wants. Lizzie runs into Bill and they argue about Alan's arrest.

Bill is drawn to her as he realizes how sad she is.

As they grow closer, Jeffrey watches them with concern as Lizzie finally reminds Bill he's marrying Ava.

Jeffrey then deliberately calls someone about Ava's "donor" pregnancy and his concern the anonymous donor may want access to the baby once it's born.

He confronts Lizzie who hints that she overheard him and knows the truth about Ava's pregnancy. Jeffrey states that he knows Bill does not love Ava and would do anything to protect his daughter.

Lizzie guesses he wants her to tell Bill and end this farce. At the hospital, Ava tells Remy she was lightheaded from her nervousness over getting married.

Remy brings her home where Bill is relieved and thanks Remy with a handshake. Bill then surprises her with their wedding rings. Remy asks Olivia how she can allow Ava to have a loveless marriage.

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