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Guiding Light
Recap: July 10, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Bill eyes an ad for a log cabin house that's listed for sale. Taking care of Peyton for her mother, Lizzie tells her sister that boys are nothing but trouble but then admits to herself how stuck on Bill she is.

Ava confides to "Max" that she does have feelings for Remy.

Dinah lectures Olivia about overstepping her bounds at the mansion and invites her to move out. Bill interrupts and talks about his meeting with the "governator" later today.

He then tells Ava that the governor may want to groom him as his successor and suggests that once Max is born, they go on a family vacation.

Ava sees the ad for the cabin and guesses it's for them. She uses it as proof to her mother that her marriage will work. Olivia claims there is still time for her to back out of this marriage.

When Ava suffers a contraction, Dinah takes her to the hospital. Lizzie meets Bill and suggests if he runs for office, he sell her the company.

Spotting the same ad for the cabin, Lizzie guesses Bill bought it for them. Dinah offers to take the meeting for Bill while he goes to the hospital and is hurt when he rearranges the meeting instead.

At the hospital, Bill and Ava are relieved to hear their baby's heartbeat. Out for a run together, Mallet and Marina make small talk with Dinah who boasts of her desire to look for real love while enjoying the love her brother gives her.

After she leaves, Mallet confides to Marina that he'll always feel "something" about Dinah. While playing with Peyton, Marina confides to Lizzie about dating Mallet.

Seeing her having fun with the baby, Mallet tells Marina he can't have children but she suggests it's too early in their relationship to talk about this.

He insists it's important for her to know this now but she's not concerned. Olivia asks Lizzie to stay away from Bill if she truly loves him. Lizzie calls Bill and asks him to meet her tomorrow.

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