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Guiding Light
July 11, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Reva blasts Josh for legally trying to stop "her" movie. He points out how the scene they watched the other day hurt Cassie but Reva calls him a coward.

He angrily confronts Jeffrey about the movie and learns that the underage drinker At the movie party will be punished but that the movie will continue as planned.

Josh points out that Cassie has been hurt and suggests that Reva won't be able to deal with this but Jeffrey claims she can handle it. Meanwhile, Reva tells Cassie that Grady is back in jail on a drug problem.

Cassie's pleased but when Reva complains about Josh's legal efforts to stop the movie, Cassie walks away. When he shows late for their meeting with Dr. Frankel, a therapist, Cassie and Josh bicker about the time and then realize how silly they look.

Cassie finally talks about losing her daughter and then how Josh chose to be with Cassie after Reva was dying. Out in the parking afterwards, Josh and Cassie both agree this is a good thing for their marriage.

While Lizzie is frustrated that Bill still hasn't met her, she does pack a suitcase in case they end up together. Bill arrives at the governor's mansion to take his meeting with Governor Young and his wife.

There, he runs into Lizzie who tells Bill she likes the tire swing at the log cabin he just bought. Lillian urges Lizzie to forget about going to the cabin with Bill.

The governor and his wife are impressed by Bill and offer their support once the governor retires. After warning that Olivia intends to keep Ava happy with Bill, Jeffrey asks Remy about his feelings for his daughter.

Remy confirms that Ava cares for him too but claims it doesn't matter now. Jeffrey confronts Bill about Ava but Bill assures him he and Ava will be fine.

Later, Remy reluctantly agrees with Sava that they can be "friends."

Reva and Josh go at it again about the movie until Josh yells that watching the movie was torture for him. She denies it and guesses he loved every minute of it.

What happens next? Find out in our Guiding Light spoilers!

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