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Guiding Light
July 16, 2008
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When the kitchen sink sprayer suddenly starts spraying water everywhere, Reva panics until she finds a handwritren note from Jeffrey explaining how to shut off the water.

Jeffrey is tempted when a flirtatious Angela invites him out for coffee. When the two find they're each at the Towers for the Wednesday Prime Rib special, Jeffrey and Reva dine separately but end up sharing their meals and conversation across tables.

Reva admits that she did tell Josh that they are "regrouping" and she adds that she's not sure what that means. As they leave, Reva confesses that she misses him.

Cyrus plays for Grady the tape he made of Reva confessing how she planted the pills on him. His brother urges him to go give it to the police to spring him from jail but Cyrus will only do it if he promises to stay away from Daisy.

Grady is outraged and claims that Daisy is good for him, having promised to help him when he originally came back to town. Cyrus won't free him unless he agrees so Grady lashes out at his brother and orders him to get out.

After Frank advises her that he'll make sure she never gets to see Grady in jail, Daisy seeks Marina's help, complaining that everyone treats her like a little schoolgirl.

After she confesses she loves Grady, Marina urges her to back off. Later, Marina answers a call about a break-in and finds a drunk Cyrus at Harley's place, bemoaning how he was a lousy father figure for Grady.

Daisy gets a moment with Grady who mentions the tape his brother made and the offer he wouldn't agree to.

After finding out what pills Grady had when he was arrested, Jeffrey tells Reva he still can't find his missing pain pills. She complains that she was just looking out for her granddaughter.

Saying he "gets her," he offers to help fix this for her, somehow.

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