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Guiding Light
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July 22, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Posing for publicity pictures, Reva and Josh are invited to speak the lines from the wedding script. Reva instead advises them how to utter the lines to discover what she and Josh felt that magical day.

As Jeffrey and Cassie watch later, Josh announces to Reva that he now realizes that they belong together.

Reva counters that their time has passed and states that while she'll always love him, it's time to move on. She then kisses him which causes Cassie to run. Unable to hear what they said, Jeffrey starts to walk away, telling Reva that he just wants her to be happy.

Reva stops him and announces that she's chosen him, not Josh. As the truth sinks in, Jeffrey pulls out a ring from the prop department and puts it on her finger. Amused, Reva tells him that she'll marry him too. Meanwhile, Cassie tells Josh that she won't live with his past anymore.

She explains her hope that letting him go will be the best thing for them both. When Bill boasts that it's thanks to his father that he is getting the governor's official recommendation today, Billy urges his son to reconsider running for public office.

When Ava confronts her rival to try to stop her from intruding in her marriage, Lizzie claims she never wanted to entrap Bill and adds that she can't help that Bill is in love with her. Lizzie later announces to Bill that for the sake of getting her family back together, she's leaving town tomorrow.

He asks her not to go since it won't change the way he feels about her. Lizzie says she won't stay around and watch him with the baby, trying to fall in love with Ava. Lizzie asks for his help taking a job with Maximus out in L.A. and then sends him to a business meeting.

Later, Lizzie appreciates it when Billy comforts her. Bill threatens to sue her for slander when a reporter asks him about his lover in front of Ava.

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