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Guiding Light
July 28, 2008
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Today on Guiding Light ...

As Lilian cowers, Dr. Brandon advises Remy that there is a court order preventing him from being anywhere near the Lewis baby.

Billy asks Bill to tell him all about his grandson but when Bill hesitates, Vanessa explains that it's not his baby. Bill adds that there is a slight chance Remy could be the father but insists it is his son.

Billy and Vanessa urge him to reconsider as Vanessa suggests that Ava still loves Remy. Bill argues that Remy is out of the picture and he and Ava are a family with Max.

Ava tearfully tells Jeffrey the truth about her baby. He explains how Olivia is stalled at a Canadian airport but when his efforts to cheer her fall short, he realizes she needs her mother.

Jeffrey offers his congratulations to Remy who stews about the court order which Jeffrey knows nothing about. In spite of her vow to marry Jeffrey, Josh announces to Reva that she will be his.

Reva visits with Ava and cradles her as she cries about her situation. Reva gets her to confess that she wishes her baby would just disappear.

She catches Jeffrey in the parking lot and warns him that Ava is in real trouble and is suffering from postpartum depression.

Warning she could hurt herself or the baby, Reva recommends sending her to Chicago while the baby's in the hospital. Meanwhile, Bill arrives to take Ava home and is completely unaware of her dangerous condition.

Jeffrey tells his daughter that he will take her to Chicago for help where Olivia will meet her. Remy seeks legal help from his sister.

Mel warns him that Bill is the legal father which puts Remy's rights in trouble. Later, blasting her for Bill getting Remy fired, Mel faces off with Vanessa who warns the attorney not to tangle with Bill.

Remy is able to get her brother in to see his baby. Vanessa advises Bill that Ava left with Jeffrey and needs help.

What happens next? Find out in our Guiding Light spoilers!

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