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Guiding Light
July 29 Recap

On today's Guiding Light:

Back from his trip, Frank angrily tells Buzz that he was unable to find either Harley or Rafe and was forced to bring Daisy back to Springfield. Daisy slips away from the rookie cop Frank asked to watch the teen.

As Jeffrey and Reva work on a wedding guest list and realize how many they can't marry, Hawk interrupts and pleads with his daughter to go back to Josh. Reva warns him to back off and insists she's happy with Jeffrey.

After getting no information from his brother, Grady's relieved when he runs into Daisy. Vowing to put Grady away so he doesn't hurt anyone again, Jeffrey advises Cyrus that Marina is the lead detective on his brother's case.

Cyrus runs to Frank and asks if he can get Marina removed from the case. Reva runs into Daisy who complains that the cop Frank assigned to watch her was actually hitting on her.

Guessing she's at the gazebo to meet Grady, Reva takes her to Tammy's grave where she pleads with her to do the right thing and testify against Grady before he kills again.

She points out that she was in love with Rafe months ago and now claims to know all about Grady too. Reva also points out how the guy abandoned her after the accident.

Later, Grady threatens Reva at the Cross Creek cabin as she boasts that Daisy will soon see him for what he truly is. Reminding him that she's 18, Daisy tells Frank that she's moving in with Ashlee.

Advising the Shayne patriarch that Josh and Reva are "not going to happen," Jeffrey warns that he's going to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. Hawk slams the door in his face.

Jeffrey returns with a bottle of vintage bourbon and gets Hawk to open the door. After a few drinks, Jeffrey gets a call from Reva who asks if he's drunk. After agreeing to let her live with her for now, Ashlee tells her new roommate that she does not want "G" in her apartment.

When Daisy objects, Ashlee warns her friend that Grady has her fooled and is not to be trusted.

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