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Guiding Light
July 31, 2008

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With Max crying loudly, Jeffrey advises the baby that he has Ava's Power of Attorney and is there to assure him that he gets the best medical care.

Remy complains to Mel that he's not on the list of people allowed to see his son. She explains that she can't help him. When Bill and Dinah arrive, Bill finds he can't see Max either.

Hearing them argue, Jeffrey emerges and announces that he won't add them to the list until he's ready. Olivia arrives and lays into him for sending Ava away, vowing to help their daughter herself. He points out that she hasn't even seen the baby yet.

Later, he finally gets through to Olivia how much trouble Ava was facing. It takes little Emma to point out to Olivia that she hasn't seen the baby yet.

After seeing the baby with Emma, Olivia calls Ava and congratulates her on her beautiful son. She urges her to stay in Chicago and get well.

Mel draws blood from Remy for a DNA test. At the meeting with Bill and Dinah, the governor decides to withdraw his endorsement.

Ava calls Bill but Dinah takes the call when she can't reach him. Once Dinah talks with Remy, she tries to convince her brother that Ava wants Remy to be a part of her son's life.

She claims that it's obvious that Ava's in love with Remy. He lashes out at her for betraying him and then heads home to get the place ready for Max.

Dinah complains to Vanessa about her brother but eventually cools down after hearing some of Vanessa's sibling stories.

Meanwhile, Remy opens up to Jeffrey about his feelings for Ava, insisting he loves her and promising that he will stand by her.

Impressed, Jeffrey offers him a glass of champagne to celebrate the birth of his son. At the mansion, Bill tells Dinah and Olivia that he's tossing out Olivia and Ava. Dinah calls Lizzie to come home to help Bill.

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Guiding Light
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