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Guiding Light
Tuesday, July 8
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Today on Guiding Light ...

Jeffrey advises Reva that he's trying to shut down the "movie people."

Boasting of being free of Cyrus and Dinah, Mallet and Marina both agree they can't understand why Daisy is still hung up on Grady after all he has done.

Cyrus warns Jeffrey that his brother suffers from a disease that affects his memory which may mean Jeffrey could lose his case against Alan.

Frank's not pleased to hear that Jeffrey may have to reduce the charges against Grady further to insure they prosecute Alan successfully.

Reva goes through the cabin and combines various prescription pills into one bottle. Frank's not happy to find Marina with Cyrus but she later assures him that she's dating Mallet, not Cyrus.

Frank claims he's actually okay with the "Mallet thing" but suggests he'd like it if she and Harley would both branch out a bit. When Reva catches Daisy with Grady, she warns her that she doesn't like this. Grady counters with a warning for "granny" to back off.

Later, Reva grabs Grady and as she warns him, she also plants the pills on the guy. Disguising her voice with a British accent, Reva then calls Frank about the drugs in Grady's pocket. Frank reports to Jeffrey what he found when he arrested Grady and, hearing Jeffrey admit he has similar painkillers at home, Frank calls Reva about the bust. Reva plays dumb.

Cyrus asks Daisy to stop dating his brother. When Mallet catches her looking at a photo of her with Cyrus, Marina assures him that her relationship with Mallet is real unlike what she had with Cyrus who wanted her to move away from everything she loved. Jeffrey gives Reva the good news that Grady is back behind bars. He also decides he's not going to stop the movie people and can't wait to go to the premiere with her. Grady warns Daisy that her family set him up.

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