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Guiding Light
June 11, 2008 - Recap

Today on Guiding Light ...

Chastising his father for spending more time coaching boys baseball than supporting him, Bill blasts Billy for failing to show for the big press conference the other day.

Ava agrees not to tell anyone about Remy's desire to become an EMT. She insists that Bill is excited about the baby but he points out he's still not excited about their relationship.

Dinah warns Remy to forget about Ava because she's in love with Bill. Later, Bill asks Remy to stop seeing Ava.

At the hospital for an ultrasound, Bill and Ava learn they're having a boy. While she tells Remy the good news, Bill updates Billy. Seeing the photos, Remy is thrilled for Ava, much more than Bill was.

Alan confides to Lizzie he still feels a connection with Gus and reveals that in his dream, Gus asked him to keep an eye on his princess.

Hearing about Alan's dreams, Beth encourages him to get professional help but then relents upon agreeing that he seems calm.

Lizzie impresses them both by stating that she'll take care of getting the family business back. When Billy runs into Lizzie, he hugs her and claims that Bill is still in love with her.

A uniformed Mallet's not pleased to see Dinah chatting with a stranger on a park bench.

After he chases the guy off, Dinah resents Mallet interfering but he reveals that her new friend Scott was just in jail for spousal abuse.

Boasting that Ava's having his son, Bill asks Dinah to let him and Ava move into the mansion. Bill tells Lizzie that he's having a son and when he reveals his moving plans, she warns him not to get comfortable.

Cooking for Beth, Alan admits that he's learned a lot while living and helping out at Company.

After confiding he's earned respect without needing money, Alan surprises her with another pearl for her necklace. Mallet is curious about Alan's thoughts concerning Gus and the warning he's been receiving.

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