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Guiding Light
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Thurs., June 19

Today on Guiding Light, Jeffrey confronts Reva about the reasons behind her decision to propose to him and her subsequent delays in setting a date.

Unable to explain it, Reva runs to Cross Creek where she struggles with her emotions. After spotting him helping Ava "stretch," Olivia warns Remy not to ruin Ava's relationship with Bill or she will ruin him.

Remy insists he just wants her to be happy but disagrees with Olivia's idea of what would do that. Angry, Olivia orders him to move out of the house.

As Olivia and Dinah argue about the wedding, Ava reminds them both that it's her wedding. When she admits that the baby is kicking, both now want to plan a baby shower.

While Olivia runs to advise Jeffrey about their daughter's plans, Dinah stays behind to seek out games for use during the wedding shower. With Olivia by her side, Ava announces to Jeffrey that she's getting married.

Jeffrey agrees to support her marriage but adds that he is not going to stand by and watch her get hurt. With Olivia gone, Ava allows Jeffrey to feel the baby move in her stomach.

She describes how the baby is already in Bill's heart so he wishes her nothing but the best. Dinah slyly gets Ava to ask her to be her Maid of Honor. Telling him stories, Reva helps Mark the actor understand more about Josh after he catches her at the Cross Creek cabin.

She then seeks Buzz's advice at Company and he urges her to "go for it." Later, after handing Olivia various wedding periodicals because she doesn't need them anymore, Reva returns to the hospital and confesses to Jeffrey that she doesn't want to get married.

He admits he feels the same though both add that they love each other and don't need a ceremony to keep them together.

What happens next on Guiding Light? Find out tomorrow!

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