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Guiding Light
June 25, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, when Remy refuses to consider moving out of the mansion, Bill asks him to give Ava some space because she and the baby need her "bed rest."

Hinting that the governor's wife will be there, Dinah invites Doris to her baby shower for Ava and then touts that Bill is the future of this town.

Later, suggesting he could have a future in politics, especially with her as his mentor, Doris pushes Bill to get Remy out of the mansion and leaks that he recently attacked Grady.

Bill confronts Remy and kicks him out of the mansion. Remy asks him to tell Dinah for him. He does so and blames his decision on Remy's violent actions against Grady.

When Olivia warns her daughter that she thinks Remy's in love with her, Ava asks her to stop looking for trouble.

Finding Blake in Coop's bed, an embarrassed and angry Ashlee apologizes for what she's walked in on but Blake insists this is her fault, not Coop's. She claims she thought she and Coop weren't together anymore but Ashlee laughs at her excuse and runs off.

Coop orders Blake to get out and then runs after Ashlee. Believing his version of what happened, she confesses to Coop that in spite of the operation, she still feels the same way about herself and needs space.

Later, Ashlee tells her mother that she and Coop have been "drifting apart." Doris praises Coop for the love he has for her but encourages her to make the best decision for herself.

She then meets Coop and ends their relationship. Ava finds Remy at a motel and claims that Bill doesn't have to know about her visit. He gives her a key to his room. Dinah gives Bill a hard time for kicking Remy out.

He explains that he doesn't want love to interfere with his plans. Though he admits he's in love with Lizzie, he explains that Ava will make the better public wife for him and asks if she'll support his run for public office. She tells him to go for it.

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