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Guiding Light
June 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on Guiding Light ...

As Dinah and Olivia go over their plans for today's baby shower, they find Natalia tending bar. Back at the mansion, Olivia overhears Ava calling Remy at the hospital to wish him luck on his first day at work as an EMT.

Lizzie's upset when her case against Bill is dismissed. The two exchange barbs until Bill walks out, claiming he's happy.

As she makes plans with Mallet for a movie, Frank calls Marina to report that Harley broke up with Cyrus and to order her to stay away from the guy.

Mallet gives Marina a kiss and she suggests they go to the Towers for a drink. She arrives first and finds the baby shower going. She's invited to crash the party.

Reva guesses to Ava that this shower is not what she would have wanted. When Bill arrives, Dinah offers a toast to her brother and then welcomes Ava to the family. Natalia watches Olivia talking with Bill and accuses Olivia later of trying to come between Bill and his sister.

Lizzie is shocked to find the shower at the Towers. Bill asks if she followed him but she denies it. Vanessa guesses to Ava and Remy that she doesn't think they will be happy together.

When Rafe calls his mother, Olivia answers Natalia's phone and hands it to her. She explains what Jeffrey's trying to do but he announces he's staying away for the time being and that Harley is taking care of him.

Remy stops by which makes Ava happy until they see Bill pulling Lizzie out of the shower. Bill apologizes and asks Remy to take Lizzie to her car. Bill tells the crowd that he owes all of this to one woman.

Dinah's upset when he claims that Ava is that woman. Afterwards, Ava tells Bill she wants to marry him but he changes the subject to the idea of him running for office.

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