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Guiding Light
Episode Recap
June 6, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Cyrus welcomes his younger brother Grady back to him. He accuses him of taking his money from the table but Grady walks out.

Josh is not happy to come home and find a note from Cassie who is again at the hospital visiting Jeffrey. Boasting that she wants to rewrite the movie so that her character marries Jeffrey, Reva argues with Hawk about the idea.

He guesses she's afraid she'll go back to Josh but she decides she can have the movie and Jeffrey too. Reva then visits Josh at the church and admits that she thinks she made a mistake with the movie.

When he mentions her engagement, Josh reminds her that Jeffrey has a reputation for "fooling around." This upsets Reva who leaves after admitting the movie people want to see their wedding video.

Josh visits with Jeffrey in the hospital and when he hears that the patient wants out, Josh offers to help him sneak out but takes him to Cassie's first.

There, he shows him photos Cassie has pulled out. Jeffrey is surprised Josh is upset by them. Realizing he's bleeding, Josh decides he's got to get him back to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Cassie stops by Harley's place and finds Cyrus there but fails to see Grady. With Daisy, Reva looks through the things in the storage shed for the wedding video.

Grady calls and asks for her help so he can stay in town. She agrees and lies to a curious Reva that it was actually a call from Rafe. Reva warns her she may lead the police to Rafe.

When Reva gets a call from Carson, Daisy grabs a shed key from her purse and later gives it to Grady. Cyrus spots them kissing. At the hospital Cassie blasts Josh for taking Jeffrey out and vows to talk to his nurses.

Josh asks when she was put in charge of his care. Later, she offers to donate some blood for him while sending Reva to help Josh with R.J.'s project.

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