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Guiding Light
March 24, 2008
Episode Recap

Claiming it will make a great novel, Roc offers to pay Harley and Cyrus for their story. As they talk, the waitress advises Harley and Cyrus that their credit cards don't work.

Cyrus gets a friend in the banking industry to check Harley's credit record and discovers it's terrible.

Harley assures Gus that she's very happy. Pushed by the doctor, Mallet encourages a feverish Marina to fight to get better. Delirious, she calls him Cyrus and kisses him.

Gus pushes Rafe to be there for Natalia, warning that she needs his support right now.

Explaining why she wants her to spend more time with Emma, Olivia advises Ava that it's time the girl start viewing Ava as a mother figure. Ava is reluctant to do so. Later, Olivia asks Natalia to free Gus from his commitment so that she can have him in her final days. Natalia refuses.

Gus asks Ava to sign the legal papers that transfer custody of Emma to her once Olivia is dead. Afterwards, admitting he can't give Natalia what she wants, Gus kisses Olivia passionately.

Thanks to a phony driver's license, Daisy gets approval for an apartment and boasts of her success to Rafe. She claims she'll get the money for the deposit by lying to her mother about needing cash for a class trip.

After Harley turns her down, Daisy lays into her mother for spending all her money on Cyrus. When her friend Jamie admires her fake ID and offers her $100 for one of his own, Daisy decides to go into business.

Mallet forces Cyrus to visit Marina in hopes of helping her feel better.

Harley asks Mallet about throwing some work her way but when he claims he has no interest in helping her, she accuses him of stealing her brother's job. Cyrus sells his watch so he and Harley can have a nice dinner.

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Guiding Light
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