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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 3/27/08

Today on Guiding Light, agents only allow Alan and Alexandra to take some clothes from the mansion before they take Alan downtown to be booked. Bill worries to Dinah about Lizzie forgiving him for what they've done to her grandfather. Jeffrey enlists Doris to officiate at his wedding today.

Gus calls and as Olivia listens to the message he's leaving, he assures her that he's not abandoning her. Gus meets Natalia in front of a house and announces that he bought the house for her. He corrects himself that it will be for them once the "Olivia thing" is over. Gus then urges Rafe to be a better kid than he was and move in with them.

Alan's pleased to see Gus and assumes he's there to bail him out but when he makes a threat about Emma, Gus walks out. Doris tells Lizzie that Phillip is responsible for Alan's new troubles. Lizzie refuses to bail him out but Bill pays the cash as long as Alan promises to leave Lizzie alone. Ava sympathizes with her mother but Olivia announces she is getting married today to Jeffrey. She adds that this was Jeffrey's idea.

As he gets ready for the big event, Jeffrey eyes a photo of Reva and tells himself that she'll understand. When he meets Olivia, Ava and Emma at a gazebo, he tells his future bride that today will have a happy ending. As the ceremony gets underway, Olivia asks to say her own vows and announces that she forgives Jeffrey.

Doris is confused when Olivia also gives him permission to go to Reva and sleep with her as often as he wants. Jeffrey counters with his own vow to take care of Reva but keep Olivia smiling. Afterwards, they celebrate at Company. There, Ava confides to Jeffrey that she may be pregnant, thanks to Bill. Later, in the midst of the reception, Olivia feels ill so Jeffrey rushes her to the hospital and carries her into the E.R.

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Guiding Light
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