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Guiding Light: Prologue
After the opening, Mel warns Jonathan why his past will hurt his case to keep custody of Sarah. Jeffrey rescues Reva from the cold and she admits that she and Cassie had it out and hopes that things will be better for them both. Cassie tells Josh there was a breakthrough with her sister and thinks Josh will get his job back.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part I
Once Josh leaves for a meeting about the church and his job, Cassie runs to be with Will. Upset to see Will with Cassie, Jeffrey orders her to get her son back where he belongs. Cassie tries to put him off but Jeffrey angrily threatens her. In spite of his threats, Cassie sneaks Will home. Later, Cassie appears in court to deal with Will and Mel represents her. Cassie explains that he couldn't attend. Cassie convinces the judge that Will should be released in her custody.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part II
Lizzie comes on to Jonathan but he sees through her scheme and kicks her out. Bill finds her wearing a blanket and when he learns of her desire to do anything in order to have Sarah, he also leaves her. Bringing Jonathan some things he requested, Reva explains that she can't help him keep Sarah from Lizzie because she thinks the mother should be with her daughter. He blasts her for once again not being on his side. After leaving a romantic message for Cyrus, Harley is taken aback to hear Marina chatting lovingly with Cyrus.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Harley argues with Marina about coming back to work. Marina sets up Harley to think that Cyrus is back from his trip by sending her a phony text message. Josh boasts to Reva that he got his old job back so she suggests they have a party. Olivia is suspicious that Gus and Natalia might be lying to her about their break up.

Guiding Light
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