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Guiding Light Prologue
Gus catches Harley spying on Marina and Cyrus. After she gets away from Gus, Harley runs into Cyrus in a room at the courthouse where they start kissing passionately and eventually have sex. Frank and Marina almost catch them having sex. Later, Harley warns Cyrus that she can't do this anymore but when he asks what she means, she grabs him again. Cyrus then confesses to Marina that he's been lying to her.

Guiding Light Episode Guide
Harley warns Frank that his daughter is going to need him. Devastated that Jonathan and Sarah are gone, Reva returns to the cabin and pours herself drink as she listens to a final voicemail from Jonathan. He explains that Lizzie made a deal with Alan to keep them safe. Hoping to have fun as a family, Cassie and Josh play baseball outside. Josh stops him when he spots Will holding a bat menacingly near R.J. Will claims he simply wanted to let R.J. use his bat, but Josh sends him to his room but Will slips out of the window. He manages to snag a ride from a stranger by offering the driver cash. Josh stuns Reva with what he caught Will trying to do.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Will stops by the cabin and slips into the basement where he uses a wrench to send fumes into the living room. Upstairs, Reva and Josh have a drink and as they talk, they become incoherent and eventually fall asleep on the couch. Cassie walks in and sees her husband lying on top of Reva.

Guiding Light
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