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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 5/14/08

Today on Guiding Light ...

Dinah resents it when Marina stops by the mansion with complaints about loud noises from her illegal miniature golf course and not keeping her shrubs trimmed according to association rules.

After working on the cases Gus never finished, Harley confronts Mallet and Marina and guesses that there was a leak in the department that was foiling Gus' efforts. While Marina lectures Harley that it's not up to them to close up any loose ends from Gus' life, Mallet shuts the blinds in his office and starts shredding papers from some files.

Mallet then suggests to Harley the best thing for her is to go home and take care of the kids. Instead, Harley tells Jeffrey her theory. When Jeffrey calls Mallet about Harley's claim, the top cop angrily downplays her theory and points out that Harley's on desk duty because of panic attacks.

Claiming that Gus wanted him to have the house, Rafe pleads with Olivia to let him and Natalia live there. Olivia explains that she's been trying to find something within it that represents Gus but hasn't yet and won't give it up. Natalia interrupts and pulls her son away, agreeing with him that Olivia is crazy.

Rafe then seeks Jeffrey's help in convincing Olivia to give up the house. Natalia warns Olivia that in spite of what they both want, they will be forever tied together. Dinah convinces Remy to accompany her to the office where he's impressed with how she works.

Jeffrey urges Harley to back off her investigation into Gus' cases and let him look into it. Later, Marina backs up Harley when Officer Wolfe lays into Harley for acting like Internal Affairs.

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