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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5/16

Today on Guiding Light, Jeffrey's upset to find the location scout for Reva's movie has been at the house, moving things around. Reva apologizes but Jeffrey insists he wants this for her.

She's nervous when he takes the script with him to the office. Adrianna flirts with Cyrus at the gym and asks if he's single. When he hesitates before he claims he is, she asks if it's serious.

Later at Company, Cyrus finds Buzz waiting for someone to join him in Alan's poker game. Reva and Daisy arrive and Reva offers to play a few hands.

When he wonders who is going to play him in the movie, Reva advises Buzz that he's not in it, pointing out it's only going to be two hours long. Buzz jokes that it's longer than their marriage was.

Buzz ends the game after Daisy tells Cyrus that he'll never be Gus. Jeffrey asks Harley to back off when she asks him how his investigation is going. Harley's concerned when she finds an anonymous note on her desk warning to "stay out of it." Harley invites Cyrus out to dinner.

As they kiss, Daisy interrupts. Harley angrily confronts Daisy over her decision not to attend graduation and their words lead to Daisy walking out on her. In a panic Harley calls Cyrus but hangs up quickly, telling herself she doesn't need anybody.

Meanwhile, Adrianna finds Cyrus at the Beacon and reintroduces herself. Reva's upset to find her kitchen a mess after a production meeting and when Jolene doesn't understand, Reva tells Jeffrey they've got to move.

She reveals that the movie is about her and Josh but he assures her he's fine with it. After sex, he serenades her with a song and she surprises him with a drawing of a heart featuring their initials.

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